I had a boob growth spurt and am suddenly a 30DD. I’m struggling to find stores that stock sports bras in my size. Do you know where I can find one that will fit me? —Niamh, 16, Scotland

Finding the right sports bra is so important! When you’re well-endowed in the chest area, you could be prone to back problems and other types of discomfort if you don’t have adequate support for your chi-chis. This guide from REI might help you figure out what to look for on this journey. For example, if you’re into high-impact exercise, like running or aerobic workouts, you’ll want to look for an “encapsulation” bra, which, like many everyday bras, supports your breasts with separated cups or underwire, rather than one stretchy shelf-style piece of fabric.

There are quite a few bra-centric websites that offer 30DD in sports brassieres (and ship to Scotland!). (One thing to be aware of: Some US bra companies refer to your size as “30E,” which is pretty much the same thing, as you can see on this chart.) Bare Necessities has plenty of options. The Panache Ultimate Maximum Control Sports Bra is an underwire situation that comes in a variety of colors and has really great reviews. This Freya number is another good underwire option—it comes in cute shades and has adjustable straps that you can also style into a racerback.

If you’re like, “Underwire? More like UGHWIRE,” PLEASE EXCUSE that less-than-stellar joke and also, don’t worry, ’cause Bare Necessities has those, too. This wire-free Freya pick is cute (and on sale)! I also found this high-impact workout–suited REI bra that comes in a variety of pastels and is even cheaper. Win-win!

I know that international shipping can be $$$, so I also found this really cool UK site that might be the best bet for you. It’s called Boobydoo, which sounds more like something Jeff Goldblum would say when he’s jazz-scatting rather than a women’s sportswear company, but here we are. Don’t be fooled by their goofy name—they have some really cute bras, like this one, that looks like a straight-up WORKOUT PARTY. Look at those confetti colors. Can’t you picture the gals from Hot Sundae wearing it? And can someone pump up the Kesha, PLZ? I also love how you can easily filter by size AND by different impacts on their site!

Here are a few more cute bras, just in case:

Clockwise from top left:

Clockwise starting from top left: Moving Comfort Rebound Racer Sports Bra, $21.50, REI; Shock Absorber Ultimate Sports Bra, $75, Fresh Pair; Shock Absorber Run Sports Bra, $48.50, Boobydoo; Shock Absorber Max Sports Bra Top, $30, Wiggle; Shock Absorber Max Wire Free Sports Bra, $69, Her Room; Freya Active Soft Cup Sports Bra, $60, Her Room.

Happy exercisin’! —Marie

For the longest time, I dressed UBER-feminine: I never wore jeans or shorts and always had my makeup and hair did. Recently, though, I just want to look/dress like a guy. I want to emulate a ’90s rapper or a mid-’60s Bob Dylan! (Think Nikes and baggy tweed jackets.)

Problem is, my parents aren’t too happy about the sudden change in appearance. Whenever I say I look like a boy, even jokingly, my mom gets really upset, and my dad is annoyed that he spent money on vintage dresses and circle skirts that I hardly ever wear now. I still really like my old style, and I feel guilty that I’m no longer into my “girlier” clothes, but I feel so fake whenever I wear the vintage stuff. Is there a way to marry the two styles, but still feel like me? —Tara, 14, South Africa

It sounds like you have an amazing closet and sense of style, so kudos to you! I, too, often flip-flop my gender performance. It’s so cool that you’ve embraced finding style inspiration in guys, but it’s hard that your folks don’t entirely approve of you dressing like a boy, and I know what that feels like, too. It’s really important for you to dress for YOU and no one else.

If that means combining different articles of “gendered” clothing, here are some ways you can meld your “gal” side and your “dude” side:

  • Temper your femme vintage outfits with some of your more masculine pieces. For example, you can take one of your dresses or hoop skirts and throw a denim/leather/suit jacket over it. To accessorize, you could wear a pair of sneakers and a beanie to make it seem less overtly “girly.” Here’s a cute look on this tip:
    Photo via Native Fox.

    Photo via Native Fox.

  • If you’d like to go a DIY route, try cutting up your dresses into two to make a blouse and a skirt. I’ve done this with many a thrift store dress! Once you’ve made your separates, you can wear the blouse as a top with a pair of jeans and sneakers, and the skirt with a tee and your tweed jacket.
  • Pair one of your crop tops with a high-waisted skirt and dude it up with a varsity or army jacket and some sweet kicks. This outfit (as worn by our own Gabi) is a great inspiration:

    Photo via Gabifresh.

    Photo via Gabifresh.

If you feel like the above options aren’t doing it, and you feel more like you when you’re dressed in your more “masculine” clothes, wear those clothes. I know how it feels to put on clothes and feel like you’re lying to yourself and those around you—you gotta wear what feels right. If this upsets your parents, tell them you’re experimenting with a new look, but it doesn’t change anything about who you are. I know you don’t want to upset your parents, but you can remind them that it’s important for you to be you. It can be a hard battle, but there are lots of solutions. Good luck! —Shriya

I recently found out that I have epilepsy and have to take anti-seizure medication twice a day, so I need to carry around a stash of pills in my purse. Do you have ideas for a container that (a) will protect my medication from the elements, e.g. spilled water or whatever the grossness that always ends up at the bottom of my bag is, (b) is not designed for seniors, and (c) is somewhat discreet? —Elle, 20, Baltimore

Wait, are you sure you don’t want one of these clunky grandpa pill cases? I’ve actually stored my vitamins in those before, but I feel you, I’d rather have some STYLE to go with my daily meds! I was able to find a glittery plastic pill organizer that has two compartments at my local dollar store, but there are way cuter options online!

If you want something that’s more discreet, how about this heart-shaped pill box? Since it’s plain silver, it doesn’t call that much attention to itself, but the heart shape still makes it cute and special. If you like the sleekness of that one, but prefer more compartments, there’s this rectangular one. This one is smaller, but just as classy.

Are you like, “Meh, these are too fancy, how about something more simple, but unique?” I’ve got your back! I found this clover-shaped plastic one that costs under $2, as well as this one that has eight compartments. I really like this one, because you can choose ANY photo of your liking, and the shop will customize a pill box with that picture on it! It’s pricier, but imagine the joys of Photoshopping together the perfect collage to go on your pill box! If you don’t have a problem with leather and like pink, I think this embossed stash canister is pretty neat. Of course, you can also go vintage and get something totally unique, like this!

And if you do change your mind and decide, “Fuck being discreet. I wanna carry something REALLY OBNOXIOUSLY CUTE!!!” feast your eyes on these! This Etsy store has over 700 (?!) kinds of pillboxes with adorably weird images on them, like these:

Clockwise from top left:

Clockwise from top left, $7.50 each from Etsy: Ouija witch pill box; deer pill box; cat pill box; Alice in Wonderland pill box.

Hope this helps ya! —Marie ♦

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