Hey, cuties! It’s the month of the hallowed wieners or something, so I get to be as weird as I want with makeup and blend in with the rest of society for once! I’m going to teach you one of my favorite mind-bending looks: big anime eyes painted over your regular eyes! You don’t need a bunch of stuff or expertise to do it—your local drugstore will likely have Halloween face paint that will do the trick just as well as any of the products I’m going to be using here. Ready? Let’s get to it.

What you’ll need:


  • Black cream eye shadow, liner, or pigment. I used M.A.C. Cosmetics Paintstick in Black. This is a M.A.C. Pro product, so you won’t find it in stores, but you can totally buy it online. If you’d prefer a more accessible, affordable option, try NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean.
  • Blue cream eye shadow, optionally in two different shades. All the shadows I used are from Make Up For Ever’s Flash Palette, but you can use a cheap face paint cream from the drugstore or costume shop like this one.
  • White cream eye shadow.
  • A washable glue stick. I used Elmer’s. Just don’t use liquid glue—way too messy!
  • Three small, rounded detail eye brushes. Art brushes from the craft store would also work. Synthetic ones will be easier to use and clean, FYI. These, for example, are perfect.
  • Q-tips.
  • Makeup remover.

How to do it:

Step One:


Before you paint over your eyebrows, you’ll want to flatten them against your face so they don’t ruin the illusion we’re going for. You can do this by applying several layers of glue to them with your stick, letting each layer dry before applying the next one.
Step Two:


Using your black paint and a detail brush, draw big eye shapes around your actual eyes. The ones I’ve drawn here don’t really look like eyes, I know. That is because I am a bad artist! Feel free to draw, wipe, and readjust.
Step Three:


Using the same brush and product, draw on the eyelids and lashes.


This took me a few tries—have a some Q-tips and makeup remover at the ready in case you need to redraw your lines—you can just dab at the parts you want to fix instead of wiping off the whole thing every time. A good thing about messing up with cream makeup is that it comes off easier than powder eyeshadow.
Step Four:


Paint on your eyelashes. Make them curl outward, just like real lashes.
Step Five:


At this point, I began losing my mind from caffeine deprivation. But we must move forward! Draw the irises on top of your real eyes. It’ll make the illusion a lot creepier in the end!
Step Six:


Fill the eyeballs in with your cream colors, using at least two clean detail brushes—one for the white shadows, one or two for the blue. Be sure to stay inside the black lines!

Optional: Mix two blues to get the precise blue you want for the irises.

Step Seven:



You’re all done now! Yay!!! Go wink at some ghouls and tell them eye sent ya! ♦