Ugh, I’m obsessed with Barf Troop, the rap collective of Babeo Baggins, Babenstein, Barberella Fox, Babe Field, and Justin Baber. They made a cool playlist for Rookie a little while back, and now they’re serving up an ACE theme song, “We Eatin,” which—no joke—samples the Sailor Moon intro. I chatted with the Troop’s Babeo Baggins about this track, food, Tumblr, and more. —Estelle

ESTELLE: Hi, Babeo! Thanks so much for doing a theme song for Rookie! Can you tell us a bit about it?

BABEO BAGGINS: The theme of this song is working. It’s called “We Eatin” because, in rap, if you’re “eatin’,” you’re making money because you’re putting in hard work! We’re always striving to “eat” in every part of our lives, and most of all, as a group.

The title of Babe Field’s album is Half Ripe, and Justin Baber and Babeo Baggins have a track called “Pickle Juice”—are you guys obsessed with food? ME TOO.

We are TOTALLY obsessed with food! I’m currently studying nutrition and food science, so food is a big part of my life. I love everything about food, from the growing to the cooking, and everything in between. As a group, if we’re together, we are always eating good food in big quantities! [Laughs]

I heard you all met on Tumblr. Can you tell us that story?

We did! We’ve all been blogging for years, so we met online. We started off just doing Skype chats about random things, and I said, “We should start a rap group! We should be the female Odd Future!!” It was a joke at first, but one day I decided to go through with it and make a song, and here we are! We all became really close friends via Tumblr, so, really, without Tumblr, we might not even be making great music together.

I love that all your names contain the word “babe.” I love the idea of women calling themselves “babes” when they’re friends, as opposed to being a thing that dudes say when they approve of women.

Yeah! Our message is 100 percent about girl power and taking things that boys “own” and turning into a thing of empowerment for ourselves. We also see “babe” as a sort of gender-neutral term for people you think are really rad, and as one of our members (Babenstein) identifies as non-binary, it works out perfectly!

There are so many great pop culture references in Barf Troop’s music. On Babe Field’s debut album, the first track samples Bring It On, and Justin Baber’s name is a play on a certain dude we all know about and lurve. What are you into right now?

Young Thug, Nicki Minaj (QUEEN BEE), Ariana Grande, OG Maco, Rae Sremmurd. Outside of music, I’m super into cartoons as inspiration. For example, I find HUGE inspiration in The Simpsons. I’ve been so influenced by it from such a young age—it’s a part of my sense of being! So many of my life lessons, and so much of the imagery my work, came to be via The Simpsons.

You all have super different voices and styles. Do you swap tips about rapping and musical technique?

We do! Because we’re so different, we all have our own ways of going about things, but also a lot of the same ways. We always pass songs to each other before we put them out to get everyone’s input on the music before we release it to the world. Being able to share our thoughts on one anothers’ music gives insight we might not have had on our own. It’s nice to have a group of talented women who you trust and love who can be honest with you and help you get a clearer vision of things.

Babe Field’s debut just came out—what’s the next Barf Troop release going to be?

Justin Baber is on the way to finishing her first album, which should be released before the year is out. I’m working on my own mixtape and lots of events for women and the LGBTQ community! We’re always working on a lot of new things, so be sure to keep an eye out!

Awesome! Thanks so much. What’s the best way to stay tuned?

We have a group Tumblr that we keep up to date with all current Barf Troop events and music releases, plus Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. There are lots of ways to keep up to date—see you around! ♦