Color-blocking is simply putting different solid colors side by side, and it’s pretty easy to do on your nails, using the Miracle of Tape. Let’s get started, shall we?

What you’ll need:

Colorblock Mani What You Need

● Nail polish in 2 or 3 colors. (I used Black Holy and Mrs. Tony Montana, both from Floss Gloss.)
● A clear top coat, such as Seche Vite (not pictured).
Washi tape. (I prefer to use this kind of tape for manicures because it’s less sticky than regular tape and therefore easier to peel off your nails without messing up your polish.)
● Scissors.

How to do it:

Step One:

Colorblock Mani Step 1

Start with your lightest color, and paint your nails (the whole nail) with it. (I chose white because it’s the easiest shade to paint over, and any color I do paint over it will look extra vivid, since white acts as a primer.) Let this base color dry completely.
Step Two:

Colorblock Mani Step 2

Decide what pattern you want, and apply the washi tape to the part you don’t want to paint over with another color. You don’t have to do every nail the same, either—you could also use a variety of angles and shapes using multiple colors. For this particular nail, I wanted to do a simple black/white split, so I just taped over half it, vertically, with my tape.
Step Three:

Colorblock Mani Step 3

Paint over the part of your nail that isn’t covered in washi tape. Make sure to cover the exposed spot evenly.
Step Four:

Colorblock Mani Step 4

Repeat the taping and painting process on your other nails. Create different geometric shapes, if you like, by arranging the tape differently on each finger. Let this second color dry. (You can go for a third color at this point, if you like!)
Step Five:

Colorblock Mani finished

Carefully remove the tape. Finish it all up with top coat, and voilà! ♦