Whoever Fights Monsters

Some people drowned
I waded out into the deep,
Closed my eyes and let go
But I couldn’t keep from breathing
I couldn’t keep from swimming
(Just keep swimming)

Some people surrendered to the darkness
I liked it there, too, for a while
But I fought monsters
I didn’t slay them all
Just enough
So I could sleep
And dream them vanquished
(Just keep dreaming)

Some people crawled,
Buried themselves under ground
But I painted my heart the color of the sky
And made it to this misty milestone
And now I will paint the sky
The color of my heart

midwest moving east
and sued for wandering
ravaged by delusion
that wore perfect teeth

three-fourths demons
broke the mirror
held the sliver
smashed the glass
beside her face

midwest moving west
fragments followed at chewed heels
worshipped many saviors
of obvious demise

one-third wishes
scratched the throat
blurred the sight
took the hand
dragged leaden feet

midwest and back again
cursing with a smile
the delicate retire
taking poison like medicine

three-fourths demons
in modern guise
held on tight
to sorrow’s shards
and stomached the remains

lapse of time, moment’s chill
gone, gone, gone.
For the Blond One

Tonight we walked to the edge of the world
And I finally pushed you off.