Elizabeth Perry

V Card

“lost it?” an earring? yeah, one of my best
must have come out when he pulled off my dress
but other than that i think i’m intact
not sure i can say the same for his back
i had nothing to lose—or have you forgot
you’re whole when you’re fucked and whole when you’re not

will i see it again? like a long lost friend?
does it come back around like a spring/summer trend?
will it be handed in if it’s lost on a train?
is it lost like the loss of a football game?
did he take it from me? did i give it away?
if it’s meant to be mine why don’t i get a say?

i’m still the same weight, all my organs are there
nothing gets popped ’cause it’s just tissue tear
i don’t feel any different, though you say that i should
nothing goes missing, though you said that it could
(apart from my earring which I’ve already said
and potentially one of the springs in his bed)

i’m still good at cooking and i’m still pretty smart
i still love my parents, still try to make art
still have my principles, i still see no stain
my worth is untouched and i feel no shame
perhaps it is you that had something to lose—
control of my body and of my right to choose.