jenny Oh, no! When did you get started with the gauges?

sapphire Sophomore year of high school. Me and my friends all got it at the same time. I think I’m done now. You never know when you might wanna go back. But it took me a long time. I just moved up to this size two months ago.

jenny It looks good, girl.

brittany [To Danita and Shauna] Do you guys have piercings?

danita I just got my belly piercing. [She lifts her shirt to show us.]

jenny When I got my ears pierced, I was screaming for like 20 minutes.

shauna Pain don’t fear me. I like it.

jenny Wow. I wish I was like you.

shauna You just got to do it. You never know–you might like it.

shauna I’ve always liked needles, even at the doctor.

jenny OK, I’ve never heard someone say that.

shauna When I’m at the doctor, I’m ready to get the needle.

jenny Like “Please give me another flu shot”?

shauna Yeah! I like it.

brittany Do you guys have anything you want to say to our readers?

sapphire When you’re a teenager, you just have to do everything.

danita Being a teenager is one of the hardest things to go through.

sapphire Just make sure to have fun. Do what you want.

danita Don’t let anybody stop you.

Julissa, Krystie, Isaiah, and Lemuel
1:19 AM



amy rose How do you guys know each other?

isaiah He’s my best friend since we were like 13. Do you wanna know how we met?

amy rose Yes.

isaiah It was so funny. We were going to class or something like that, and I was like, “Oh man, what’s your name?” This was like the beginning of freshman year. After that, I don’t know, we just hit it off. Me and him was like boys ever since. Even after we got out of college—I mean, we’ve drifted, but we still stayed in contact. That’s my nigga for life.

amy rose What brought you guys together that you didn’t see in other people?

isaiah Loyalty, honesty…

lemuel We talked a lot about girls.

amy rose Like, you would talk about it if one of you had a breakup?

isaiah Yeah, serious stuff like that. I had his back when he broke up with girls and he had my back when I was going through things with girls. That’s why he’s my homeboy for life. I can’t ever see him not being my best friend.

jenny Awww!

isaiah ’Cause this is my guy, I’m not even gonna front.

amy rose I wish everybody had someone like that. Do your other friends get jealous?

isaiah I mean, nah. I have groups of friends, so it’s just different, but, like, if I needed to tell somebody something or turn to somebody, he’s my boy.

amy rose And what do you guys usually do when you hang out?

isaiah Well this is the first time we invitin’ our homegirls Julissa and Krystie to party.

amy rose What’s your number one thing you like to do when you go out?

krystie Go out dancing.

isaiah Salsa. Merengue.

krystie We twerk together.

amy rose What was the best night you guys had in the last month?

krystie Today.

julissa Today? You think so?

krystie Yeah! It was a nice time.