Things I learned on my trip to Ireland:

1. A mile and an Irish mile are not the same thing.
2. Cheap chocolate in the U.S. has nothing on cheap chocolate in Ireland.
3. A tire blowing out on a van sounds like a balloon popping, just louder.
4. If it looks like it’s going to rain in Ireland, it probably will, and if it doesn’t, it probably will.
5. #4 will be invalid on the day you decide to go on an eight-kilometer hike.
6. You should actually bring sunscreen if you plan to hike eight kilometers, regardless of what the weather looks like when you start.
7. Puffins are everything you’ve ever imagined.
8. Sometimes the metal detectors at airports just…go off.
9. Coexisting with 10 people under one roof is absolutely exhausting.
10. Good soccer and bad television with your best friend can cure jet lag. ♦