A still of Suzy B. in Moonrise Kingdom.

Suzy B. in Moonrise Kingdom.

As is true of all of Wes Anderson’s movies, 2012’s Moonrise Kingdom looked GORGEOUS. I loved everything about Suzy Bishop, one of the lead characters, including her incredible style. Here, I’ve done my own take on the pretty blue eye makeup she wears while gallivanting around New Penzance with her true love, Sam. It’s easy to replicate for your own adventures, too!

Step 9-2

What you’ll need:

How to do it:

Step One:

Step 1

Cover your eyelids with primer—this’ll make your colors look as vibrant as possible.

Step Two:

Step 2-1

Apply a dark teal shadow all over your lids.

Step Three:

Step 3-1

Add a turquoise shadow on top, blending it upward, toward your brow bone.

Step Four:

Step 4-2

Dot pale-blue shadow at the inner corners of your eyes and right under your brows. Use a brush to blend it in with the other colors you’ve got going on.

Step Five:

Step 5

Line your bottom lid with a cobalt or navy blue pencil, staying close to your lash line.

Step Six:

Step 6-1

Use your smudge brush to go back over the liner with an eye shadow in the same shade, softening the line and blending it up into the turquoise colors on your top lid.

Step Seven:

Step 7-1

Draw a thick line of eyeliner across the top lid.

Step Eight:

Step 7-2

Add a swipe of liner to your waterline (the little ledge between your eye and your lower lashes).

Step Nine:

Step 8

Finish off this look by brushing mascara onto your top and bottom lashes.

Step 9-1

Ta-da! Now you’re ready to run away into the woods with nothing but your records, your Sunday-school shoes, and your first love. ♦