The other day, I was sitting in the park, gazing up at the sky, just daydreamin’ like I do. It was a perfectly cloudy day. Eventually, I was struck by an epiphany: I NEED TO PAINT DIS GORGEOUS SCENARIO ON MY NAILS! This is a pretty easy mani, so get your polishes out and cue up this Cardigans song!

What You’ll Need:


● A light blue nail polish. (I used Deborah Lippmann’s Blue Orchid.)
● A white nail polish. (Mine is White Matter by Formula X.)
● A dotting tool or bobby pin.
● A small dish or styrofoam plate .
● A clear top coat. (I used Seche Vite.)

How to Do It:

Step One


Paint your nails with your blue base color.
Step Two


Pour some white nail polish into your little bowl or onto your styrofoam plate. Dip your dotting tool or bobby pin into the polish and make a small dot on the nail of your choice.
Step Three


Get some more white polish onto your tool/pin and make another dot next to your first one. Repeat two more times, so your dots have connected to for a blob, aka YOUR CLOUD!
Step Four


Make two or three cute li’l clouds on that very same nail. (You’ll have to keep refilling your bowl/plate with white polish, because it dries fast!)
Step Five


Repeat this process on all your nails, until you find yourself staring at a beautiful cluster of cumulus clouds (the scientific name for these type of cotton-candy-looking puffballs) right there at your fingertips.
Step Six


Imagine a tiny you flying through the clouds on the back of a luckdragon. ♦