You know Seth Rogen’s charming mug from the wonderful Freaks and Geeks, plus a zillion movies that you keep watching over and over again, e.g., This Is the End, Superbad, and The 40-Year-Old Virgin (directed by fellow Grown Man Judd Apatow). This Friday, May 9, you’ll also be able to catch Seth in the new movie Neighbors, in which he plays a Cool Dad™ at war with a frat boy portrayed by Zac Efron. If you’re like, “I pretty much can’t wait that long to watch Sir Rogen talk and move on a screen again,” you’re in luck: He graciously agreed to answer your life- and love-based questions for this latest installment of Ask a Grown. After you watch it, you’ll deffo agree that he would probably make a great Cool Dad™ in reality, too.

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