You definitely know Mary Lambert’s voice, whether it’s from her gorgeous, romantic 2013 single, “She Keeps Me Warm,” and/or her collaboration with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis on the Grammy-nominated song “Same Love,” which she co-wrote. Mary is also an LGBTQ advocate, a poet (she independently released the collection 500 Tips for Fat Girls last year), an all-around good person, and now, a Rookie advice-giver! Take in her words of wisdom below, then follow her on Twitter and listen to her recent EP, Welcome to the Age of My Body.

Adults aren’t always terrible! Sometimes they can help you with your most confusing life dilemmas! If you have one o’ these, send it to [email protected] with “Ask a Grown” in the subject line, and include your first name/nickname/initials), your city, and your age.