Movie and TV characters like the alien hunk played by Jeff Goldblum in Earth Girls Are Easy and the otherworldly beings on The X-Files have always made me look up at the great vastness of our skies and wonder, WHAT DA HALES IS OUT THERE??? Even though I’d actually be terrified if I saw a UFO IRL, ~I want to believe!~ If you do too, this cute alien-themed manicure is the perfect way to have an extraterrestrial sighting anytime you want—no spaceship required.

What you’ll need:


Step One:


Paint your nails with your blue or black base polish.

Step Two:


Starting at the tip, paint your nail about three-quarters of the way down with your gold polish. This will be the background for your cute alien guy.

Step Three:

Pour your green polish onto your plate and dab one of the nail brushes in it.

Step Four:

Draw your alien head. Let’s call him Herman.

Step Five:

Let Herman’s face dry, then dab his eyes on with the black striper. Herman is ready to party!

Step Six:


Using a different brush, paint a UFO with silver polish.

Step Seven:

Dip your dotting pen into the green polish, then touch it lightly to your nail to make tiny spots on the UFO.

Step Eight:

Paint a few more UFOs or aliens on your other nails. For a subtler (aka lazier) look, paint the top half of one nail with one glitter and the bottom half with another glitter. Glitter makes everything look like a STARRY SKY!

Step Nine:


Apply your top coat to each nail, and ta-da! You’re now the proud creator of an out-of-this-world manicure that says not only “Look how awesome I am at nail art” but also “TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER.” ♦