Editor’s note: Since Ask a Grown Mans have traditionally been done by men giving straight girls advice about boys, Ask a Grown Woman has heretofore been a place for queer women to give advice to queer girls. However, we’ve realized that it feels strange to call Ask a Grown Woman THE area for non-hetero love advice on our site, since our other advice columns discuss queer issues as well. Going forward, we’re opening this section up to women of all persuasions and to feature questions about all kinds of love, all kinds of life, and all kinds of lustin’.

There are lots of things to about love MNDR, aka Amanda Warner. Not only is she a synth-pop goddess, as you can hear on her latest album, Feed Me Diamonds, she also makes for a really smart surrogate big sister. If, after hearing her wisdoms in this video, you demand more MNDR, you can follow her on Twitter, Instagram and/or Soundcloud.

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