There’s always that person who’s really hard to buy presents for, because they either have it all or are super picky. But there’s one thing everyone likes and/or can’t get enough of, and that’s LOOKIN’ GOOD. Marie and Arabelle are here with ideas that will make you and your favorite humans feel like a million bucks but that won’t cost much at all. (More gift guides—full of DIY projects, foodstuffs, reading material, gizmos, and more—here.)

Style Picks from Marie

glamour_guts_oxford“Glamour Guts” oxfords
Do you have a stylish BFF who goes as bonkers for bubblegum pink as they do horror movies? Are you scratching your head trying to figure out what to get someone with such cool contradictions? These adorably creepy shoes are perfect! And they seem easy to run in—in case of zombie attack. ($40, Iron Fist)

Pizza teesPizza-themed shirts
My pizza club is celebrating its fourth month in operation, and what better present to get everyone than pizza-themed shirts! Luckily, there are plenty to choose from. (Clockwise from top left: $30, Nylon; $35, Who Cares NYC; $30, Nylon; $45, Shop Jeen)

gift_guide_style_beautySeashell purse
This little clutch is the cutest accessory for that friend of yours who wishes they were a mermaid—or, like me, dreams of being Sebastian instead. Make this present even more ocean-authentic by filling it up with sand. (Just kidding, that would be weird.) ($27, Trashy Diva)

Original Tomboy by Alicia Hardesty has awesome clothes for handsome pals. This V-neck tee with leather “suspenders” is a rad piece of casual wear for anyone who prefers dapper shirts to dainty skirts. ($40, Original Tomboy)

moons_and_stars_charmsMoon and star charms
These nighttime-themed charms come in sterling silver and 14k gold and can be personalized by getting initials stamped into them. They are practically made for outer-space and astronomy addicts. Print out images from NASA’s space gallery to use as wrapping paper for extra points. (from $48, Catbird)

Cryptozoology ShirtCryptozoology T-shirt
Attention, fellow lovers of all things weird! If you know someone who is a big cryptozoology nerd like yours truly, get them this T-shirt featuring Sasquatch and his mysterious friends. It’s made by the cool indie brand Maiden Voyage (they also do this badass Bermuda Triangle shirt) and comes in cuts designed for ladies and dudes. I’m totally buying twinsie tees for my boyfriend and me. ($28, Maiden Voyage Clothing Co. on Etsy)

daisy_tightsDaisy tights
These tights are like giving someone pretty flowers…that won’t die! Stay on-theme and present them in a flower pot with basket grass and some flower-shaped lollipops. Man, I want to give this one to MYSELF! ($20, Emerging Thoughts)

Beauty Picks from Arabelle

inglot_nail_spanglesINGLOT Nail and Body Art Spangles
I have a shelf full of glitters, but the only ones I ever end up pulling out are these. Every time. They’re so, so pretty and totally elevate any makeup look from OK to “Wow, I’m a Tim Walker portrait come to life!” I have all of them (this is just one example), and when I’m sad sometimes I take out a magnifying glass and a flashlight and stare at them in the dark in wonder. Give them to someone truly magnificent. ($7, Inglot)

Obsessive-Compulsive-Cosmetics-Crème-Colour-Concentrate-shadesObsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Crème Colour Concentrates
Biba makeup, a super amazing, super colorful makeup brand from the ’70s, is the root of all my makeup obsessions. You can’t buy Biba anymore, but the next best thing (that I’ve found) is this new line of creamy color concentrates by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. They are great as a base for eye shadows or as shadows themselves; you can also them as blush or for contouring. You get A LOT of product for your money. The ingredient list doesn’t include parabens or similar bad juju, but it does include moisturizing elements like aloe leaf extract, cocoa extract, and vitamin E. Give one (or a handful) to your favorite makeup artist in the making. ($20, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics)

dr_jartDr. Jart+ Water Fuse Sleeping Mask
I am a really big fan of Dr. Jart+ products. They’re THE BEST for dry-skinned babes like me. This mask is a splurge, but I recommend it for anyone you’ve ever heard complaining about flaky skin in the winter. All you have to do is put it on before bed and wear it to sleep. When you wake up, you’ll be GLOWING and moisturized. Trust me. And the packaging is beautiful, so it’s a win all around! ($48, Sephora)

Make-Up-For-Ever-Aqua-Rouges-4004Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge Lipstick
This is the only lipstick I’ve found that truly lasts all day. It will survive meals, makeouts, beverages, and smearing on any surface possible. You’ll have to warn whomever you give this to that they’ll probably have to scrub their lips with makeup remover to get it off. It will not let go. ($24, Sephora)

nclaNCLA nail wraps
I change my nail color once a week, but sometimes polish takes too much time and AGGRAVATES me. Nail wraps are a good present for anyone in your life with similar manicure preferences and patience levels. Some wraps are really flimsy and dry from the get-go and tear mid-application, but these last forever, and they have the BEST designs—they’re always, always interesting and on point. ($10, Karma Loop)

black_phoenixBlack Phoenix Alchemy Lab fragrances
Being a perfume head can be very, very expensive. Bottles of the good stuff can set you back anywhere from $30 to like $600. Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab understands perfume-nerd culture so well and has formulated intricate, dynamic perfumes with really lovely backstories, scent descriptions, and packaging. Almost anyone—witches, Fraggle Rock fans, Neil Gaiman die-hards, etc.—will find something here that makes their heart and nose happy. (from $18, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab)

Morgana_CryptoriaMorgana Cryptoria Lipstick
If you have a loved one who’s on an endless hunt for weird lip colors (like, they have more blue lipstick than pinks and neutrals combined), these lipsticks by Morgana Cryptoria are for them. The line has the the widest range of the most interesting shades for people with offbeat color preferences, and it’s not expensive. The formulations vary from shade to shade, but overall they’re moisturizing and VERY pigmented—and vegan to boot! Plus, the company is run by an indie businesswoman doing her own thing. Gotta support your ladies, right? ($9 each, Suite 7 Beauty)