The best way to my heart is through my stomach. If you have a friend or relative like me, steal my holiday wishlist (or, if you need a foodie friend to give this stuff to, I might have a suggestion…) (More gift guides, on books, gizmos, DIY projects, and more are to be found here.)

12 caramel cornGourmet Caramel Corn
The perfect thing to give your bestie before your yearly rewatch of A Mom for Christmas: a pack of caramel corn for the two of you to snack on. The six-ounce bag might even last through Love Actually, too, if you take it slow.($6, CaramelhouseCandy on Etsy)

7 candy blocksConcord Confections Candy Blox
Who knew it was so fun to buy candy in bulk? (OK, everyone.) If you have a bunch of people you need to treat, why not buy some cute candy blocks and divide them into little packages you can tie up with a bow? Add wee name tags, and you’re good to go. YUM. ($12 for 2 pounds, Groovy Candies)

il_570xN.361563146_fvgyHogwarts House Tea Remedy Kit
Have a very Harry Potter Christmas with these teas “for all events of the wizarding world including tea parties, birthdays, handfastings, weddings, and completion of OWLs.” There’s a brew here for every house, but I think Ravenclaw’s sounds especially yummy: It combines Earl Grey tea, lavender, gingko, and peppermint. ($18, Worts and Cunning on Etsy)

junkfoodcalendar2014 Junk Food Calendar
So your buddy is a food-lover, but you wanna give them something that’ll see out the whole year? Perishables are out, and this calendar is in! Our junk-food friends pizza, doughnuts, cookies, and hot dogs will keep your friend company throughout 2014. ($25, Fifty Five Hi’s)

21D0JC6R47LCreate-a-Treat Deluxe Gingerbread House Kit
Let’s be honest: Between meals, the holidays can sometimes get BORING. What could be a better cure than a DIY gingerbread house? OMG. This gift will both sate your giftee’s appetite and give them something to do between bites.($25, Amazon)

8 relish lucy knisleyRelish: My Life in the Kitchen
Lucy Knisley
2013, Macmillan

Lucy Knisley is the best. Her memoir about growing up a food-obsessed lady features adorable drawings of her childhood (little Lucy shucking oysters!) and illustrated, easy-to-follow recipes (the family lamb recipe!). So great for bookish gourmets. ($11.50, Amazon)

4 poptart appliquePopTart Patch Sew-On Appliqué
AWWWWWW look, it’s an adorable, shiny-eyed Pop-Tart that wants to be in your belly! Or sewn onto your jacket. This is a fun gift for someone who loves both food and crafts. Or just Pop-Tarts. I.e., everybody. ($9, CloudKids on Etsy)

chococardPie Bird Press Chocolate Candy Card
Food portraitist Hannah Berman‘s illustrations on this letterpress card almost looks better than actual chocolate. Pair it with the real thing for an immediate drooling reaction, guaranteed! ($4, Still House)

tumblr_mxgh5miysP1rwxahjo1_1280The Capitol Collection Tablets of Chocolate
Speaking of the real thing, what could actually be a better idea than these Hunger Games–themed chocolate bars? The pack includes confections inspired by Katniss Everdeen (with apple, bacon, and smoked sea salt), President Snow (blood orange, caramel, and peppercorns), and Effie Trinket (dried strawberries and candied violets). ($22, Vosges)

1 Jcrew pear sweaterWarmspun Intarsia Pear Sweater
I just moved to New York from Australia, where we have warm Decembers. I’m easing the transition by becoming a huge sweater perv. The little pear on this sweater is so cheery and festive. Everywhere you go, you’ll have a snack! ($68, J. Crew)

ricki-carrolls-cheesemaking-kitRicki’s Cheesemaking Kit for Mozzarella & Ricotta
Uhhh this is the bomb. Melty mozzarella and smooth ricotta are two of my favorite cheeses (my other favorites = ALL OF THEM), and this cool, affordable little kit is the perfect gift for a foodie friend/nanna/dad/you. ($25, New England Cheesemaking Supply Company)

10692-coconut-pocky-lgCoconut Chocolate Pocky
In my opinion, Coconut Pocky is the best Pocky. These little cookie sticks covered with chocolate and coconut bits can turn anyone from Grinch to Will Ferrell in Elf. (And if your friend doesn’t like it, you can eat it yourself. Or send it to me, thanks!) ($3, Asian Food Grocer)

13 hello kitty s&PHello Kitty Salt & Pepper Shakers
Share your holiday meal with Hello Kitty! These ceramic salt and pepper shakers will take pride of place at any cartoon or cat enthusiast’s table. (18, Amazon)

11 biscuits dressThe Biscuits Dress
This is kind of a dream/fantasy gift because it’s a bit $$, but I just had to include it. IT’S A DRESS THAT HAS COOKIES ON IT. So sweet; accessorize with a cup of tea. ($150, Caitlin Shearer on Etsy)