heart tip mani finished 1

I love heart-shaped everything. I own a heart-shaped lamp, wear heart-shaped sunglasses, and have ordered heart-shaped pizza (for myself). And now I have hearts on my fingertips! I’m sure yours could use some affection, too, so put a little love on your nails with this month’s mani.


What you’ll need:

  • A nail file. Here are some cute ones from Sephora.
  • A clear base coat to protect your nails. I used Seche Clear.
  • A nice deep red polish. I chose Floss Gloss’s Gangsta Boo.
  • The base color of your choice. I wanted something neutral, so I painted mine with Floss Gloss’s Dinge. I think a baby blue like Floss Gloss’s Wavepool or pink like their Perf would look adorable, too!
  • A clear top coat. As always, I recommend Seche Vite because my manicures tend to last longer whenever I use it.

How to do it:

1. If your nails are long, file the tips into rounded points—they’ll be the points of your hearts. If your nails are on the short side, like my thumbnail, file them into a shape that’s as rounded as you can get.

2. Apply your clear base coat, which will help prevent your nails from becoming damaged or discolored. Once that dries, add your base color. You can see Floss Gloss’s Dinge on my nails here:

hearttip mani step 1

3. Now, make your heart tips! Use the brush of your red polish to form a sort of half-circle shape, starting with a sweeping stroke from the outer edge of your nail that moves toward the center, like so:

hearttip mani step 2

4. Repeat that step on the nail’s other side. The half-circles should overlap in the middle, creating a heart shape. Add more red polish, if necessary, to even out the edges or to make the color darker.

hearttip mani step 3

5. Once you’re satisfied with your heart, repeat the process on the rest of your nails. Let the polish dry for a bit, and then finish them all off with a protective top coat.

heartip mani finished 2

Now you’re totally wearing your heart on your nails! Awww… ♦