At university, something happens pretty much every day. I am glad. But it usually takes just 24 hours for it to lose its importance because something else has happened. Uni is permanent distraction.

I sometimes miss spending entire days in my head, having the space to think about nothing—and therefore everything. I try in vain to get back to that zone whenever I’m sitting outside by myself. I used to enjoy the sounds of London trains going past every few minutes and the children at playtime in the primary school next to my dormitory, but now I don’t even notice them—they’re just noise.

We’ve been living on campus for just three weeks, but already our lives are so intimately entangled. By far the most complicated thing to manage is everyone’s romantic lives. It all feels very futile and confusing, but maybe living like this is a kind of jump-start on life. Things begin and end very quickly and we doubt there will be happy endings all around. ♦