Do you ever feel like…somebody’s watching you? I do, especially after I gave myself this evil-eye manicure. Various cultures share the belief that someone can cause you to fall ill you just by giving you a menacing glare. To protect yourself against this, you can wear some sort of talisman that depicts an eye, kind of like “I’ve got my eye on you before you can put your stank eye on me, OK?!” Think of this nail art as your magic talisman against any and all haters. I got yo’ backs, boo-boos.


What you’ll need:

  • A base nail color. I went with something neutral (VERY unlike moi but it worked nicely): Kendal by Zoya.
  • A white nail polish. I used White on the Spot by Milani.
  • A nail polish in the color you want your eyes’ irises to be. This one is Revlon Colorstay’s Coastal Surf.
  • A black nail striper. Milani’s Nail Art in Black Sketch works perfectly for this.
  • A top coat. As always, I used Seche Vite.

How to do it:

1. Paint your nails with your base color. Apply two to three coats, depending on how thick the polish goes on.

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 9.25.51 PM

2. Using your white polish, carefully paint an oval shape across the width of your nail.


3. This step requires your artistic and steady hand to outline the white oval you just made. Put on some calm music, grab your black nail striper, and carefully draw a line around the edge of your white oval. When you’re done, draw some celebratory lashes on top!


4. Using the iris-color polish, draw a circle in the middle of the white oval. Then, use the black nail striper again to place a dot in the center of that circle, creating a pupil. When the polish sets, apply your top coat.


Ta-da! There is your evil eye!


Repeat on all fingers for extra protection. ♦