I was on Davis’s bed a week ago. My back was towards him and he hooked his arms through mine and used his body like a lever to lift me up and put me down, over and over. I was all, “Woah cool don’t stop.” #noincest

Later in the week we were snuggling and Davis was all, “In two weeks we won’t see each other again until Christmas.” I’d been lying with my arm draped over his torso, but now I pressed my whole body into his (no incest) and tightened my arms around him. He laughed.

Last night, while Davis and I were walking back to the car after dinner, some of his friends gestured at him from the window of a restaurant. “Is that your sister?” one girl mouthed. We nodded. “You guys look so much alike!” I shrugged in order to say “What are you going to do about it?”

We decided to go see Blue Jasmine, which was terrible. I got frustrated halfway through and thought about telling Davis I wanted to leave. He leaned over and asked me a question I couldn’t hear, so I went with, “Oh, you want to leave? Sure, we can leave.” He laughed and said there was nothing else we would or could do.

We felt relieved as we walked through the theater hallway, mildly pleased with ourselves as we got on the escalator, and giddy as we ascended to the lobby. We had almost reached the exit when I felt a sharp pain in my head, followed by a feeling like my brain was clinching up. I had never left a movie early before, and even though this one sucked, not knowing how it would end was causing me actual physical discomfort. We slowed down and looked at each other. “We have to go back,” Davis said.

The second half of the movie was just as bad as the first, and afterward we had to walk it off. The neighborhood felt apocalyptic to me. Before dinner we had seen a group of people all in white face makeup and wearing cassocks with red collars and glittering veils walking around, and I could still feel their presence as Davis and I walked. He criticized a new way of speaking I’ve affected and I thanked him. His critiques mad me angry early this summer, but now I find them helpful. They make me feel cared for.

Later that night, I called him a “total dream.” “I’m a dream?!” he said.

When he woke up this afternoon, he came downstairs and hugged me. He smelled like peanut butter. “What if you weren’t cute?” he said. I’m cute?!

Summer has been a few bad movies and a lot of being tackled by my brother. One more week. ♦