Summer is falling past my eyes as quickly as a pigeon falling from the sky. Right now I’m having the most fun I’ve had this year—I met and hung out with some of the most amazing people ever, I’ve had more time to write, and I feel like my life is back on track, but July has already crossed the finish line and August is sure to do the same sooner than expected.

By the time school starts Lula and John* will be gone. Even though we will definitely remain close friends and visit each other, here in my real life I will be back in a world of awkwardness, trying to force conversations with people I don’t know, trying to avoid embarrassing myself. I will spend the next four years as a social pariah like I did for a good amount of junior high. I’m trying to savor adolescence by being more social and taking more risks, while attempting to adjust to life at my new school, a school where everyone seems to play a sport.

I’m concerned that I won’t be ready to leave summer behind when I finally start high school. I want to make sure that I write as much as I can between now and then, talk to more people, get into art more, and just do as much as I can creatively before I have to go back to schoolwork and people that I am forced to be with for hours on end. I don’t feel full yet. I need more summer. ♦

* John’s name has been changed.