Chris M.

The summer is going OK. Before, nearly everything was terrible, so OK is a vast improvement. Before, school was all I thought about, and I hate school. When you hate every thought in your head, you are bound to feel somewhat glum.

I’m in summer school because of all the work I missed while I was in the hospital. It’s not so bad because it’s online in the library, just four days a week for a few hours a day. At least I don’t have homework or a classroom.

On the other hand, it is summer, and I’m spending it trapped in school with fourth-graders who haven’t been taught to read and three-time seniors. I feel out of place. These kids have been shortchanged by the American education system; all I did was get sent to the hospital.

Everything else is the same. I have nothing to talk about. I spend all day cleaning or reading or spending time with my friends and the days are melting together. It’s OK. No magic summer happiness has kicked in yet. Maybe OK is good enough. ♦