Charlotte Spritz


the room was too bright and too
and i began to walk backwards
and stumble into

and as i fell
i ate the
and i tasted
dripping cherry popsicles and

dark chocolate milk
that i drank slowly
through a red and white

i kissed the dirt
that smelled like
laundry detergent
cold apples

and i turned around
and looked back at
and i fell back

the two of us

we were the same
and it was nice and
our hair would sway
when we walked
and it was good

and we talked about
what a kiss tasted like
and spoke words in a
language we created
and it was sweet

and we answered
to the same name
and rolled our eyes
because they didn’t
know any better

we were the same
but different
if that made sense

did it?

and we drank our first
sip together
and laughed

and it was warm

and our hair would
when we walked
and suddenly we
were not two
we were 3 and
then 4 and then

there were boys with
nice hair
and longer nights

pictures in photo albums i pretend to remember

i thought it had been raining that day
i don’t recall that outfit
or that car
or that woman
smiling in our house
and when my parents
ask if i remember
i say yes
even though
i can’t figure out
what it felt like to ride
the roller coaster
at the fair that day
with my hair short