Illustration by Minna

Dana Falconberry is based in Austin, Texas, and has been performing and writing songs since 2004. She started out doing folky singer-songwriter stuff but has moved on to more-complicated pop songs. For her Age of Innocence theme song—which we’ve had on repeat for the last few days—she covered an old doo-wop tune by the the Kraftones and the Beachcombers. Normally she performs with a six-piece mini-orchestra, but she recorded this song solo, with just a $10 microphone and her laptop, in her bedroom. “I chose this song because doo-wop is the epitome of the age of innocence to me,” she says. “It seems to long for a period of innocence rather than revel in it. I think it’s a really sad song veiled in the usual doo-wop cheese.” Dana’s new album, Leelanau, is wrapped up in a lot of memories of her childhood, of young summers growing up in rural Michigan, getting lost and getting found–it’s shimmery and light, but anchored by darkness and melancholy. It’s really a perfect album for a spring night when you are lost in thoughts and possibility.


Dana starts a long U.S. tour this week.

If you and/or your band is interested in doing a Rookie theme song, please email our music editor, Jessica Hopper.