Story by Liz. Photos by Maria Fernandez.
Story by Liz Armstrong. Photos by María Fernanda Molins.

The sky is the bright lavender of afternoon, dotted with stardust clouds and mini meteors streaked red with iron, which sparkle like embers when shooting across the sky. Soon all three suns will succumb to the horizon, and as the deep amethyst of evening gives way to that gorgeous, inky black sky of night, the star systems bearing all of your friends’ homes in 133-GSL become visible—just a hop, skip, and a galaxy away.

You’ve had one of those gloriously lazy days, the kind rarely afforded to you, between all the holographic mind-projection and animation-acting classes. You just treated yourself to your favorite lunch: fruit gels, vitamin-doughnut filets, cucumber-fizz soda drops, and a perfect scoop of fresh algae with cantaloupe syrup for dessert. The AsterTrax radio station is beaming lasers through your home vessel’s operating system, and each light-show song is finely tuned to your emotional state. Right now it’s calibrated for cheerful with heavy beats of gratitude, maintaining your usual levels of optimism and intuiting last night’s intoxicating dreams. Today sounds and feels amazing.

While daydreaming and gazing out the main hexagon window, you notice a rustle among the wild nitrogen-anemone blossoms landscaping the escape hatch that doubles as your skylight. You program the dial-a-step ergonomic pebble ladder for maximum climbing efficiency, run up, and pop open the view-glass. The anemones shake a little, sending small puffs of feathery petals up around you. The air is soft and smells delicious; you’re so dazed you almost forgot why you came up here in the first place! As you look around you notice a lilac envelope atop the mail pedestal with your name handwritten on it. No one is around.

Do you:

A. Bring it inside and call your best friend?

B. Open it right then and there!

C. Throw it in the mail compost and forget about it.