She’s shown you how to perfect your skin/pallette. She taught you how to make your lips into works of art. She’s given her eye-makeup secrets away for total free. But she’s not finished; not even close! Today, in the fourth installment of her basic-makeup tutorial series, Amy Rose demystifies one of the most mysterious beauty tricks of all: shaping your own brows. May you never have to pony up your hard-earned cash to have some stranger wax, thread, tweeze, or sugar your brows into submission again.

Part One: Ditching the Randos

Part Two: Basic Shaping*

* IMPORTANT NOTE! In her excitement over eyebrow maintenance, our girl neglected to specify the angle to hold your tweezers at to find your “natural arch.” Basically, the line of the tweezers should hit the middle of your pupil when you’re looking straight ahead. Got that? Outer nostril edge to mid-pupil, and where the tweezers hit your eyebrow, that’s where your arch wants to be.

Part Three: Finishing Touches

Part Four: Filling ’Em In

Stuff she used:
• a pair of slant-tip tweezers (hers are some totally random cheap-o brand from Lot-Less)
• e.l.f. Studio Eyebrow Kit in Medium
• “the internet”