Consider this month directed by David Lynch.

Consider this month directed by David Lynch.

Hi, Rookies!

Welcome to March’s theme, Mystery. On our minds this time around: David Lynch, Alfred Hitchcock, and all the eeriness of the regular ol’ suburbs. I think the appearance of normalcy almost always ensures a bit of darkness underneath, so this month we’ll be looking at the kinds of mysteries that have been right in front of you all along. In case you just get SO SWEPT UP in the theme that you start walking around in a trench coat and spying on your neighbors, here’s a playlist I made of some menacing music to act as your soundtrack.

In Every Dream Home a Heartache
1. “I’m Glad I Never…” — Lee Hazlewood
2. “Satan’s Theme” — The Rondels
3. “Girl Afraid” — The Smiths
4. “TV Set” — The Cramps
5. “Halloween All Year” — The Orwells
6. “He Hit Me (and It Felt Like a Kiss)” — The Crystals
7. “Basement Scene” — Deerhunter
8. “Undertaker” — CocoRosie
9. “Because” — Elliott Smith
10. “Bad Things” — Cults
11. “Bad Seeds” — Beat Happening
12. “Poison Ivy” — The Rolling Stones
13. “What’s the Ugliest Part of Your Body?” — The Mothers of Invention
14. “Runaway” — Del Shannon
15. “Blue Velvet” — Bobby Vinton

Also, we’re hosting a showcase with Urban Outfitters on Wednesday, March 13th, in Austin, Texas. Feast your eyes on this promising agenda!

RookiexUO Austin540

I’m sad to say I can’t make it, but a number of our other staffers will be there, plus PIZZA, so like, what more could one want?

And finally, it’s not too late to submit something for this month, but April’s theme is Age of Innocence in case you wanna start on that. In a nutshell, it’ll be about pre- and post-loss of innocence, whatever that may mean, and old British people.

Thank you, as always, for being here, and may you power through this end-of-winter slump with all the episodes of Scandal and midnight snacks in the world.