I know that I’m pretty late with this, but I have been thinking about my resolutions, and how I want this year to go. I’m going to high school in September, which is what I’m worried about the most. Will I find people who share my views, who like the same things, and who will completely accept me? I don’t know, but I can hope.

I guess I’m content with my resolutions. I mean, I should be—they fill up about two pages. Most of them are basic: join a volleyball team, start a grunge band, start a zine, etc. But there are also complicated ones: become more self-confident, write a screenplay. Most difficult of all is this: now that you have discovered who you are, act on it. I finally know who I am—I didn’t realize it in one life-shattering epiphany, like the ends of the universe finally being tied together, but gradually, through different experiences, conversations, books, and music. I know, but how do I truly express it? Through my clothes? My choice of words? What I write here? I have about 300 days to figure this out, which is both a blessing and a curse. ♦