My stuffed pink alpaca makes the best model.

I loved my pink heart sunnies, but one day, possessed by a crazy notion, I attacked them. I popped the lenses out and covered what remained in glitter.

Reader, it looked amazing. And it was so easy! Here’s how you can do it too—using any kind of glasses frames.

What you’ll need:

  • A pair of sunglasses—you can use heart-shaped ones like mine, or any kind of cute frames, the cheaper the better to destroy them with abandon.
  • Glitter nail polish (the cheap kind is fine for this)
  • Cardboard/scratch paper/newspaper to use as a base
  • Optional: clear nail polish, if you want a glossier look.

How to do it:

1. Forcefully push the lenses out of your frames. This requires strength. Be careful not to hurt yourself!

2. GLITTERFICATION! Paint your sad, naked frames with your glitter nail polish. Don’t use too much or it will take a really long time to dry. Just dab it evenly all over the frames.

3. Go to sleep. Let your glasses dry overnight. Then wake up to see this:


4. (Optional) If you want to make your frames look shinier, add a coat of clear polish. Then let them dry for ANOTHER eight hours or so.

With love and glitter,