In this Sunday’s New York Times Magazine, there is an extremely inspiring article about autism that focuses on a man in Denmark who founded a company “on the theory that, given the right environment, an autistic adult could not just hold down a job but also be the best person for it.” It’s filled with awesome anecdotes about the special skills these underestimated people have, but also their awkward interactions with “neurotypicals,” like when one autistic employee calls the cake his coworker brought in terrible. The best stories, like this one, make you alternate between tearing up and giggling, all while giving you some new-found faith in the world.

This new video for the Babies, perfectly titled “Baby,” features lead singer Cassie Ramone doing a solo karaoke rendition of her own song with some super ’80s cinematography and effects. It’s simple and clever, but oddly moving.

Bleached, who played the Rookie Strange Magic prom, talk about their latest album in this article for Spin. I’m really interested to hear an album that’s a little on the poppier side for Jennifer and Jessica Clavin, who typically churn out fast punk music that’s perfect to dance to. I’m excited!

Julian Fellowes, the guy who writes/produces/dreams Downton Abbey, is set to make a show about the Gilded Age in NYC. It BETTER have sassy old women, a lot of rich people, and tons of eavesdropping through olde-timey vents or else I’M NOT WATCHING. *snaps fingers in Z formation*. But seriously, it’ll probably rule.

I am experiencing an extreme case of Portlandia withdrawal (I need Toni and Candace in my life right now) and am literally counting down the days until their Christmas special (December 14th!) and the start of the third season (January 4th!) So naturally I was JUMPING OFF ALL THE WALLS when I heard about all the awesome people who were going to be on the third season. Besides Chloe Sevigny, stars like Bill Hader, Juliette Lewis, Roseanne Barr, and J Mascis, to name a few, will be joining Fred and Carrie (we’re on a first name basis, duh [I wish])!

MoMA is starting a video games collection! The Sims is art! All those hours spent making the perfect fake families who you could control with your computer, dictating their every action and desire, was an act of performance. Or something. Kind of annoyed that Dig-Dug isn’t in the collection yet. Get your shit together MoMA.

A friend posted a link to the Larkin Street Youth Services holiday gift drive earlier this week, and I was reminded of how little it often takes to brighten someone’s day. The organization addresses many issues associated with homeless youth, but the holiday gift drive helps teens staying in their emergency shelters and transitional living programs. Yes, they are asking for large items, but small things like brushes, school supplies, and socks are also greatly appreciated.


Slate has a new photo blog, and I’m impressed. This week they posted the work of Yemeni photographer Boushra Almutawakel, whose playful project The Hijab Series catalogs the subtle differences in dress for women that wear the veil and comments on the gender dynamics represented by traditional garments for both sexes. The three images above are excerpted from Mother, Daughter, and Doll, a witty and moving taxonomical portrait that interrogates the relationships between women and what they wear.


Sloopy the dancing chihuahua! My dream dance partner.

And on the other side of the spectrum, Benjamin Zephaniah (one of my favorite brummies) writing on animal abuse makes for an interesting read.

My friend showed me this recently spawned Tumblr of the most bizarre self-published ebooks. You really just have to take a look for yourself, and please let me know if you buy one of them and if it lives up to its amazing title. I am especially intrigued by Emancipation Proclamation of My Pants and the one that, in its summary, describes a troll as “kind but ugly.”


This recipe makes me want to make salads in the winter, which otherwise my body rejects as a subspecies of foodstuffs.

But mostly I just want to make things like this: