All these weeks of college* have been stacking up like building blocks of different colours. I am in disbelief that is the end of November.

I don’t want to get sucked into college college, work work, people people, but I can’t seem to help it. I went out to the pub with friends I have known for ages and was having fun until I suddenly panicked and thought of all the work I had to do, and I got terribly sad, and so I just left and walked home in the rain. My vodka and coke did not take the edge off; I am ignoring a huge stack of work that I can see from the corner of my eye.

And I am so, so tired. Because every day is different. And every day I try to catch my bearings, and I do, but then the next day comes.

An old friend said I was “changing,” and of course I am. How can I not be? Life is relentless. ♦

* High school in British.