Last July, my buddy Leah and I cruised down to Anaheim, CA, to meet up with our hero King Tuff, our friends from Burger Records, Rookie photo babe Olivia Bee, and her boyfriend, Cooper. Our destination: DISNEYLAND. We spent one magical day and night exploring this quite UNUSUAL WORLD, and the result is this video! Many, many thanks to King Tuff and Burger Records for the most colorful and overstimulating day of pure joy ever caught on camera by hyper young girls.

Sidenote: Leah had seriously (like, hospital seriously) sprained her ankle just a few days before our trip, so we rented her a wheelchair and she became our little camera-girl-on-wheels. Thank you, Leah, for being a CHAMPION!

King Tuff’s self-titled album came out last spring; his new 7″, Screaming Skull, is out now.