Chris M.

Hurricane Sandy is coming. We bought flashlights and bottled water the other day, and school was canceled for Monday (maybe Tuesday too, that hasn’t happened yet as I write this).

We piled the beanbag and my brother’s model airplanes and the stuffed animals in the basement onto a table in case it floods. We brought out the candles and the portable phone chargers in case the power goes out.

My Facebook news feed is going wild. Everyone’s worried about a tree falling on them or their cat drowning or something. And I don’t know whether the freaking out is justified or not, but it’s starting to freak me out, too.

They’re saying Halloween might be postponed! Canceled until SATURDAY! You can’t postpone a whole holiday, people! My Princess Bubblegum costume is not patient.

My dogs are acting weird because so is the weather. It’s been lightly drizzly and the air is thick and gray and swirly. It’s pretty bizarre and post-apocalyptic-looking. And the full moon is not going to be helping the tide (ha, as if I know anything about that).

I hope everything turns out OK and we don’t lose power and form motorcycle gangs or become ridiculously attached to volleyballs or kill Piggy or something. ♦