When I was a teenager, my high school BF made me little collage books, and one of them included these pictures of director Tim Burton and his then-girlfriend Lisa Marie, which I absolutely LOVED. I was a big fan of his movies, and I enjoyed the whimsical world he created, especially in Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands. Burton’s characters live inside your head (and heart) forever, so why not let them inside of your closet, too?

Clockwise from top left: Photographic Flashback cape, $58, ModCloth; Beat Brim hat, $36, Vans; lace skirt, $52, Asos; eyeball ring, $45, Me & Zena; iPhone case, $16, Etsy

All of us at Rookie are huge Winona Ryder fans, and her character in Beetlejuice (1988) will always be one of our style icons. Nobody does gothy teen angst quite like Lydia Deetz, who befriends a ghost couple living in the attic of her new home. When not rolling her eyes at her pretentious stepmother or helping her ghost buddies battle the underworld’s favorite bad boy, Beetlejuice, Lydia refuses to dissect a frog and stoically utters famous lines like, “My whole life is a dark room. One big dark room.” I believe everyone and their closet needs to go through a Lydia Deetz phase at least once in life. The black lace, giant hat, ghostly pallor, and individually parted bangs? BEST LEWK EVER. Now, shake, shake, shake, Senora!

Clockwise from top left: Swing dress, $82, Asos; poodle compact, $105, Lulu Guinness; poodle brooch, $6, Girlprops.com; sunglasses, $11, Asos; purse, $45, ModCloth

It’s pretty safe to assume that most people’s first fictional crush was the title character from Edward Scissorhands (1990). Yes? Tim Burton’s right-hand man, Johnny Depp, plays the sensitive, puppy-eyed outcast with razor-sharp shears for fingers, the creation of the Inventor (Vincent Price in his final film role). He spends his days living in a dark castle on the hill until a visiting Avon lady introduces him to the outside world, a candy-colored neighborhood whose residents’ clothes match the hues of their homes. Kathy Baker plays Joyce, one of the more meddlesome neighbors, and her wardrobe is my favorite. Some might find her style too tacky, but I welcome the pink poodle tote, the mint green pantsuit, the bold swing dress, and the obnoxiously huge sunglasses! Finding a similar poodle purse might be my new life goal, you guys.

Clockwise from left: fitted black cape, $80, Romwe; heels, $179, Irregular Choice; cameo brooch, $10, Girlprops.com; star necklace, $17, Asos; Berkshire tights, $12, Lord & Taylor

Sleepy Hollow (1999) also stars Depp, this time as spooky hunk Ichabod Crane, a weak-hearted police officer investigating murders committed by a headless horseman. Christina Ricci plays his love interest, Katrina Van Tassel, the sole heir of one of the richest families in town. Her look is probably the most romantic of Burton’s heroines. While it would be hard to pull off the embroidered riding gowns and detailed bodices that Katrina wears in the film, we can celebrate her style with this hooded cape from Romwe and these striped tights for Lord & Taylor.

Clockwise from left: Cumulus Laude dress, $60, ModCloth; brooch, $34, Etsy; Here in My Carnival dress, $270, ModCloth; Tea Cup shoe, $168, Irregular Choice; clutch, $145, Irregular Choice

In Big Fish (2003), Edward Bloom (Ewan McGregor) goes through life experiencing unusual enchantments that can only be found in the deepest, most colorful recesses of the imagination. After achieving success as an athlete in high school, Edward runs away and joins the circus, where he sets his gaze upon Sandra Templeton (Alison Lohman). This pivotal moment causes the world around him to literally stand still as he falls in love with her at first sight. Edward makes a deal with the ringmaster to work for free in exchange for learning one new thing about her each month. Three years later, he finally learns her name. THREE YEARS! Can you imagine having an unrequited crush on someone for that long? (I mean, besides Joseph Gordon-Levitt, obvi.) It’s not hard to see why Edward is enamored with Sandra, who always seems to be bathed in sunlight, wearing pretty dresses with full skirts and plenty of polka dots. Pay homage to their special moment under the Big Top with this carnival-striped dress and this circus-themed clutch. And when you find yourself in your own colorful adventure, you’ll certainly be dressed for it. ♦