If you’ve just moved into a dorm room, or you’re just bored with the way your bedroom looks, here’s a fun and cheap way to display photos on your walls. Make them into fake Polaroids, and hang them on a clothesline!

You’ll need:

• Your photos, printed out—make them all the same size (approximately the size of a Polaroid photo, minus the border). If you use photos from Instagram you can cheat and use a filter to make these look like actual old Polaroids.
• White paper
• Craft clips (from a stationery store) or mini clothespins.
• Tape or glue
• Scissors
• Yarn
• Markers (optional)
• Pushpins

How to do it:

1. Cut out your printed photos.

2. If this is the first time you’re doing this, lay the photos out on your paper so you can estimate where you’ll be cutting the paper.

You can then even fold the paper to make creases that will show you where to cut and make sure all your “Polaroids” are the same size.

3. Cut out your white Polaroid frames.

4. Glue or, if you’re feeling lazy like me, tape your photos to the white squares.

And now you have a “Polaroid”!

5. If you want, write something on it.

6. Make more Polaroids.

7. Stick your pins into your wall or corkboard. Make the spaces between them even, more or less.

8. Fasten the two ends of your yarn to the wall with the outermost pins. Drape the yarn over the rest of them, so it looks like the picture above, but prettier, haha.

9. Fasten your Polaroids to the yarn with your clips.

Yay!! You can also use this technique to hang REAL Polaroids, or postcards, or anything you want!

You don’t have to hang the photos against a blank wall, either. If you want to display photos of your cross-country road trip, for example, you could get a cool-looking map and use that as the background.

Thanks for reading my first Rookie DIY; I’ll have lots more ideas for you in the future! ♦