Chris M.

In October 2011, I discovered, online, Team Starkid, a small college theater company. They have written and performed several comedy musicals that have become more of an internet sensation than anything else. Some of these musicals include Holy Musical [email protected]!, Me and My Dick, and, probably the most popular, A Very Potter Musical.

Most people who know me know that I am a HUGE non-ironic Harry Potter fan. I grew up with the books, reading the first one at the age of seven and watching the last movie just this year. Most people who know me also know that I am very interested in musical theater. So, naturally, a Harry Potter musical is only, like, MY DREAM.

In November, I decided to memorize the entire musical. This way I could play it in my head whenever I was bored (tip: don’t do this, because people don’t like to talk to people who start laughing at random moments in study hall). I did memorize it, and very quickly. To test myself, I wrote it all in a Word document, complete with lyrics and stage directions. I edited it down, made it a little more PG, and realized that I had just adapted A Very Potter Musical in a way that could be used for school. Even though I pleaded several times to use it, my school drama department refused, saying it wasn’t a “real” play. Then I remembered camp, and started begging. I kept begging for seven months.

And last week, the drama staff at camp finally agreed. It was happening.

And then auditions happened.

And then casting.

And now, I am following in Starkid Lauren Lopez’s footsteps as the newest representation of Draco Malfoy in my camp play.

I am so happy! I know, I know; tiny summer camp, nobody will even see it except for a couple hundred kids and a few parents. BUT I WILL KNOW IT HAPPENED. And I just can’t contain my excitement. ♦