Chris M.

I’m still at camp (last week here!) and not much can happen in the same place with the same people in a short amount of time. So, recently, a number of small things have been happening.

  • One of my favorite things to do is to take up completely out-of-character hobbies, get really good at them, and then surprise people with my skills at random times with no warning (I’m looking at you, cup stacking). Most recently I have tried to get my friend Callie to teach me how to rap. It is not working because I refuse to be grammatically incorrect. I can work around it, I swear, but she doesn’t believe me.
  • I attended a philosophy seminar. That was pretty cool.
  • Bottles of soap and whole rolls of toilet paper keep ending up inside the toilets in the middle of the night. This has been going on for about a month. People have started calling the anonymous perpetrator “Toilet Fiend.” (It’s not me!)
  • A kid looked at me and immediately decided that I cut myself, and also that it was hilarious. When he tried to get his friends to back him up or whatever by laughing with him, they called him out on being a total asshole and said he wasn’t funny. It made me happy. I never saw the kid again.
  • I made a wand (modeled after the real Draco Malfoy’s, of course) and sewed a little holster for it into my dress robes (yes, I brought dress robes) for the play.
  • I’m on the BP Fashion Board at Nordstrom and our first meeting is right after I get back from camp! I’m very excited about that.

But by the time my next diary is posted, I’ll be home! I’m not homesick exactly, but I do kind of miss sleeping in my own bed and, you know, electricity. ♦