Los Angeles in real life is one of the most diverse cities in the whole USA. In movies set in L.A. that’s less true—UNLESS you are talking about personal style, which of course I am right now. Let’s take a look at a motley bunch of L.A. movie characters, including a lovesick New Waver, a couple of Valley girls, and a classy broad with a heavy heart. Put on your sunglasses and grab a ride with me, because like the song says, nobody walks in L.A.

Clockwise from far left: pink dress, $90, Modcloth; oversize-bow headband, $26, ASOS; belt, $26, ASOS; polka-dot bow, $35, ASOS; striped platforms, $33, Lulu’s; Nothin’ Mousie ’Bout It from OPI’s Vintage Minnie Mouse collection and Call Me Gwenever, from OPI’s The Amazing Spider-Man collection.

Earth Girls Are Easy (1988) stars my two favorite old loves, Geena Davis and Jeff Goldblum, as a Valley-girl manicurist and an alien hottie who find intergalactic romance when he and his space buddies (including young surfer babes Jim Carrey and Damon Wayans) crash their UFO into her pool. The sextraterrestrials soon get into all sorts of misadventures, including a makeover with my life idol Julie Brown. Because Geena’s and Julie’s characters work in a beauty salon, you better step up your nail game to pay them the utmost respect! Grab a few colors from OPI’s Vintage Minnie Mouse and The Amazing Spider-Man collections and try out one of our nail-art tutorials. Wear bright, girly colors (you can’t go wrong with Betsey Johnson) and accessorize with a giant hair bow!

Left: mint-green swing dress, $52, ASOS Curve. Middle, top to bottom: sequined ballet flats, $50, Topshop; sequined lace head wrap, $5, Forever 21; rose pin, $10, Forever 21. Right: lavender skating dress with daisy lace, $70, ASOS Curve.

Valley of the Dolls (1967) is a tale about three women chasing fame and love but eventually getting caught up in the dirty world of prescription-drug addiction (the “dolls” = the pills!). That kind of shit is already crazy to me because I don’t even like taking Advil. There are many classic and glitzy ensembles in the movie, but I like the lounge-y, lingerie-type outfits best. These two dresses from ASOS Curve capture that sultry ’60s vibe I love so much.

Left: mint polkadot dress, $79, Dorothy Perkins; Jeffrey Campbell heels, $145, Solestruck.com. Center, top to bottom: Your Majesty ring, $4, Forever 21; mini-pearl collar, $15, Dorothy Perkins; sparkly pearl bracelet pack, $15, Dorothy Perkins. Right, top to bottom: floppy hat with polka-dot underbrim, $24.50, ASOS; strapless dress, $60, Modcloth.

In Troop Beverly Hills (1989), Shelly Long plays Phyllis Nefler, the O.G. Real Housewife of Beverly Hills, who ends up becoming a leader and unlikely heroine to a troop of Wilderness Girls (including her daughter, played by a young Jenny Lewis). Phyllis’s sense of style is glamorous and eccentric, so it’s no surprise when she transforms the Wilderness Girl uniform into a fashion spectacle. Peplum skirts, dresses with exaggerated hips, outrageous hats, and tons of fancy-lady jewelry are a good way to get some of that Phyllis Nef steez. Just don’t try to strut your stuff in the woods wearing heels (speaking from experience).

Far left: ’70s dress, $31, Valley of the Sun on Etsy. Center, top to bottom: tortoiseshell sunglasses, $21, ASOS; flower hair clips, $14, ASOS; Los Angeles cuff, $47, Lulu's; vintage ’70s woven bag, $35, Reboot Vintage on Etsy. Right: tassel necklace, $49, ASOS.

In Minnie and Moskowitz (1971) Gena Rowlands plays Minnie, a museum curator who is about to give up on love when she meets Moskowitz, a loudmouth hippie-slash-park attendant who is her complete opposite. For most of the film, Minnie hides behind a pair of beautiful octagon-shaped tortoiseshell sunglasses. I’ve been looking for an exact replica for a long time, but still no luck! Luckily there are similar options like these ones from ASOS. Get the rest of Minnie’s look by lurking vintage shops on Etsy or your favorite thrift store/jumble shop. And if you find the glasses, you can send them to me. ::big smile::

Clockwise from top left: retro leopard-print shirt, $32, Romwe.com; Suspiria T-shirt, $18, Acidmerch.com; sunglasses, $5, Girlprops.com; potato-chip necklace, $28, Tatty Devine; Dr. Martens shoreditch boots, $70, Dillard’s.

I have trouble choosing a favorite character from Valley Girl (1983), because I love them all! Should I pick nice girl Julie? Or one of her snooty yet fashionable friends? Maybe Josie Cotton, who sings during the prom scene, with her amazing punk-rock Elizabeth Taylor look? For our purposes today I ended up choosing el hunko Nicolas Cage in his role as the New Wave Romeo who falls for his popular mall-rat Juliet. I just realized their names are Randy and Julie in the movie, which are…THE SAME INITIALS AS ROMEO AND JULIET! *GASP* Black-and-red matching ensembles with his BFF, flannel shirts with a huge western-style belt, and skinny ties are just a few of Randy’s style signatures in this film. My favorite outfit of his has to be the SNOW-LEOPARD-PRINT SHIRT (screaming all caps because only the raddest gents can wear that) with a Tangerine Dream tee underneath. Wear your favorite band or movie shirt underneath a wildly patterned button-up and listen to the Valley Girl soundtrack (one of the best compilations ever made) on repeat. ♦