Whenever anyone asks me what I call “the DeLorean question”—what era in time would I want to travel back to?—I always say the 1960s. The music, the fashion…I mean, what could be better? These five stylish films are a case in point.

Clockwise from far left: dress, $54, ASOS; hair bow, $5, Etsy; umbrella, $18, Modcloth; faux-fur trim, $13, Amazon.com; Sonia Rykiel bow cuff, $149, ASOS; Make Up For Ever Flash Color Pot in Pale Blue, Make Up For Ever; tights, $15, Modcloth.

In A Woman Is a Woman, aka Une femme est une femme (1961), Anna Karina plays an exotic dancer torn between her boyfriend and his best friend. SCANDALO! She was not only THE heroine of French New Wave cinema, but also one of the era’s most elegant style icons. And though she plays an exotic dancer in this movie, there is nary a see-through stripper heel in sight. Don’t get me wrong, we all know I love a stripper heel, but if modern-day stripteases consisted of clothing like this, I’d drop what I’m doing and get to DANCIN’.

Anyway, I especially love her wardrobe in Une femme because of the primary-themed color palette. Her character’s standout outfit, a blue-and-white fur-trimmed dress, would be a fun one to make. On your next thrifting adventure, look for a sapphire-blue dress and sew on some white faux-fur trim from the craft store. Put your hair up in a bun, clip in a bow and paint your eyes with a nice blue shadow like Make Up Forever’s Flash Color Pot in Pale Blue and their black Aqua Liner. (You better not be sick of a ’60s cat eye OR ELSE…)

White polka-dot dress, $59, Dorothy Perkins; real-butterfly-wing earrings, $6, Etsy; real-butterfly-wing necklace, $19, Etsy; flower headband, $11, ASOS; fake hair braid, $11, ASOS; navy polka-dot dress, $57, Dorothy Perkins.

Daisies aka Sedmikrásky (1966) is definitely one of the weirdest yet COOLEST movies I have ever seen. Two girls, both named Marie (OOH YEAH), decide that since the world around them is going to shit, they will start “being bad” along with it. The movie was initially banned in Czechoslovakia for its depiction of food wastage (FOOD-FIGHT ALERT!) and has many feminist leanings and political undertones. The two Maries get into their own brand of mischievous slapstick and are incredibly stylish throughout! Polka-dot shift dresses, checkered bikinis, butterfly specimens, and the inevitable flower crown are all very Daisies-esque. I know some of you are like, “UGH flower crowns agaiiiiiin????” YES, sorry but it’s a signature look in the film and anyway, IT’S ACTUALLY FLOWER-CROWN SEASON! There’s a new twist though, because I’m really into this one that’s attached to a fake braid! If any of you decide to crash somebody’s epic feast and swing from a chandelier, don’t forget to invite your girl Rie-Rie! I will put on my anarchist party shoes!

Clockwise from far left: dress, $65, Modcloth; striped hat, $14, Forever 21; pink beret, $18, Sears; OPI New York Ballet Collection in Care to Danse? and Don’t Touch My Tutu, $8.50 each, OPI; high-vamp ballet flats, $29, Topshop.

The Young Girls of Rochefort (1967) is a beautiful French musical about two twins (played by real-life sisters Catherine Deneuve and Françoise Dorléac) born under the sign of Gemini. One of them teaches ballet while the other is a music composer, and both girls long to leave the doldrums of Rochefort for Paris. Catherine Deneuve, who is another iconic French New Wave actress, plays the ballerina. Turn your Girly Meter up to a TEN with rose-hued pleats and matching berets, then squeeze your hooves into a pair of ballerina-style flats. Paint your nails in one of the perfectly subtle shades from OPI’s New York City Ballet collection. Now work on your pliés, mes poupées!

Red nautical dress, $55, Romwe; cat-eye sunglasses, $16, Urban Outfitters; seashell earrings, $6, Forever 21; Swedish Hasbeens, $240, Modcloth; anchor bracelet, $68, Kate Spade; striped tote, $28, Fred Flare.

Shag (1989) is about four friends who go to Myrtle Beach for a last hurrah before they part for college and a wedding. The girls spend their time at the beach meeting bad boys, having parties, and dancing “the Shag.” The girls’ personalities couldn’t be more different, but they share a cute sense of style. The nautical look is at its best when you’re spending your summer by the shore. Actually, I have worn nautical in the desert so don’t believe my lies. This dress from Romwe or a Topshop playsuit are my ideal choices for sailor-style wear. Grab some matching sea-themed accessories and flip your hair up like Phoebe Cates’s, and you’ll be ready to shag!

Clockwise from left: playsuit with gingham trim, $50, ASOS; daisy studs, $1.50, Forever 21; flower ring, $27, Etsy; hair elastics, $8, ASOS; headband, $9, Etsy; vintage flower-power stickers, $7, Etsy; Schwinn cruiser, $130, Target.

The young ladypals in Now and Then (1995) deal with heavy real-life topics like divorce and death, but balance them with cemetery séances, bra-stuffing, and riding their bikes while singing along to “Knock Three Times,” so it’s no surprise that the movie was known as the feminine version of Stand By Me. The assortment of prints the girls wear throughout the film are so fantastic someone needs to dedicate an artsy Tumblr to them like that Cosby-sweater one right away!

Bright-colored playsuits like this one from ASOS Curve are perfect for that “riding your bike all summer” look. Find all the flower-power accessories you can get your hands on and you are all set to re-create a scene from one of the best movies ever! ♦