If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, you’re most likely feeling a touch of spring fever right about now. While the warmer weather and singing birds make me want to get in touch with nature, I’m horribly allergic to practically anything green, so I have to find other ways of spring-ifying my world. Instead of sitting in a field making daisy chains, I can take my allergy medication and paint my nails (indoors).

This manicure is inspired by the lovely, simple flower that is the daisy. It evokes images of the Lisbon girls lying in lush meadows—but for those of us with itchy red noses, it’s thankfully pollen free. Those of you blessed with allergy-free constitutions can try it too. It’s super easy!

What you’ll need:

How to do it:

1. Paint your nails a variety of different colors. The color combo is completely up to you, but I went with a mix of hot pink, orange, and red. (Don’t use yellow or white, because then parts of your daisies won’t show up.) Allow them all to dry before starting the daisies.

2. Use the paintbrush to dip into your bottle of yellow polish, and dab a yellow dot into the center of each nail.

3. Clean your brush with the nail polish remover and paper towels, and then dip it into the white polish. Add a circle of dots around the yellow one, and then very delicately drag the color out toward the center, creating raindrop shapes. When they’re all done they’ll resemble petals. Allow to dry.

4. Cover the dried nails with a quick-drying top coat like Essie’s
Good to Go
. Revel in your masterpiece, then take a Benadryl and enjoy the awesome weather!