I strongly feel that daisies are literally the best thing ever. I don’t think they’re the prettiest flower or the best smelling (roses in both cases), yet they have such magnitude. WHY, I would like to know, as I plaster daisy stickers all over all of my crap. Or, to phrase it like a comedian performing standup for an old folks’ home, WHAT’S THE DEAL WITH DAISIES?

Let us look to those who have loved them before me. I am told they were important, as much as a flower can be important, in the ’60s and ’70s. Here are Marianne Faithfull and Pamela des Barres, looking cute.

Look at this scene from Harold and Maude that makes me cry a little. (Ignore Maude’s remark about sunflowers for the sake of the strength and emphasis of my argument.)

And the movie actually called DAISIES, which has all the whimsy you would want in a movie with that name.

Then you have the cartoon versions of daisies, which were big in the ’60s/’70s but which adorn many of my school supplies from the early 2000s.

This is a handsome bathtub.

This is Winnie Cooper with her folder.

These are some barrettes and erasers I have.

Skip ahead to the ’90s, and Drew Barrymore is really into wearing daisies in her hair at photo shoots and awards shows and things. I cannot deny the appeal of Asteraceae when they’re worn with that smirk of hers!

There are other random daisy moments that hold personal significance for me, like, this picture of Sarah Michelle Gellar, or this hat of Dionne’s from Clueless.

BUT WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? I googled it, and someone on Yahoo! Answers said this:

I did, rbd_fan8ellipsebecauseihaveapretentiouslongnameformyyahooaccount, and it brought me to you. Could it be that daisies are really just cute and pretty and widely acknowledged for being so? Probably. And so, I adorn my shelves, my head, my folders, with daisies. Roses are too romantic, orchids are too sesssssual, sunflowers are too brown. Daisies are easy to doodle. The tacky dyed ones look purposefully tacky, and the pretty natural ones look like they belong on a calendar about life’s simple pleasures. DAISIES FOR PREZ IN 2012. ♦