With apologies to my winter-bound friends in the Southern Hemisphere, it is currently spring up here north of the equator, and IT IS SO WONDERFUL I AM FREAKING OUT. The other day I went to the farmers’ market, where I spied the first magnolia blossoms of the season, and I was so stunned to see COLORFUL THINGS ERUPTING FROM TREES that I just stood there, slack-jawed and gawking, as delighted and confused as a caveman with an iPhone.

Clockwise from top left: via Born in Flames, Vanessa Jackman, and Fashion Spot.

If it’s getting warm where you are, too, then I invite you to join me in throwing off our winter armor! No more for us the donning of overcoats, the doubling of tights. Let us turn our attention to a simpler way of dressing, suited to windy early-spring days and hikes through thawing parks. We’ll dress simply in tawny browns and olive greens, saving the acid-bright colors for later, when we’re sure this whole spring thing isn’t a fluke. For now we just wanna wear something comfy and easy, remember the feel of the sun on our skin, throw a sweater and a sandwich (crucial sandwichspiration here) in a knapsack and go exploring, even if we don’t go far. Spring is the best because it makes even the slushy streets and soggy grass of our own neighborhoods feel new again.

Clockwise from top left: Blog Lou, A Curious Fancy, Tomboy Style, and Vanessa Jackman.

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