Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet (1996) is a movie rife with visual inspiration, from the set design to the crazy bright Catholic imagery to the wild floral Hawaiian shirts worn by Romeo’s gang.

This past Halloween I was inspired by Claire Danes’s angelic costume-party get-up and threw on a pair of feathered wings and styled my hair into my own take on Juliet’s halo look. The hairstyle I created that night was my inspiration behind this video tutorial, and I hope you guys are into it. It’s the perfect hairstyle for days when you’re feeling a little dreamy, and it’s super-easy to do, too.

Here I am last Halloween with my wings and wild angel hair. I added a salt spray for texture and teased the ends a bit with a fine-tooth comb.

Now you’re ready to fall in love with the offspring of your family’s mortal enemy. Just don’t stab yourself, please! ♦