Welcome to February! The theme this month is Obsession, and so we are indulging all of our creepy, only half-ironic interests in the sickeningly girly and sweet. Do not be fooled, however, by all the pink and hearts&#8212there’s something really creepy about obsession too, you know? When I emailed our staff about what they wanted to write and take pictures of this month, lots of them were interested in stalkers and hoarders and Toddlers & Tiaras.

I would say we are a pretty qualified group to talk about obsessions of all kinds because most of us are bloggers, and I know that feeling the obsessive need to record everything is probably my biggest reason for using the internet as I do. I feel slightly less pathetic about it when I can assure myself that I am true to my obsessions in real life. Here is one of my many bedroom shrines that no longer exist:

Sometimes I worry about this passion I have for the ever-glowing flame of LIFE, though. I can only think of the part in Ghost World when Enid compliments Seymour’s room full of records and antiques and he says, “You think it’s healthy to obsessively collect things? You can’t connect with other people, so you fill your life with…stuff?” I have chosen to pretend it was a technical error in the movie’s sound, and we will put off discussing what obsession means for a social life until we’re on our next month. I’m sure what Steve Buscemi actually said was, “It is really good to be a hoarder and, Tavi, you are the best of them all. Please be my wife.” Speaking of, yes, this month will have quite a bit of the love stuff going on, too. May as well start that now. Along with acrostic poems, I write love songs. It’s a little embarrassing, and maybe I’ll regret putting myself out there later, but here goes anyway:

Why does glass cut through our love?
Why do you insist on [mumble]-ove?
You said to call, you said to beep
Now you’re not there, even though I’ve reached

It’s about one time when I was walking my dog and a house on our block had Kim Possible on their TV so I tried to watch it through the window without volume while my dog was pooping (and for the rest of the episode after that). Now that I have glamorized this profession, I would like to remind you that it’s not too late to submit something you wrote/photographed/drew/made/etc. regarding Obsession, or a picture of your own shrine that you might have. You should do it! I promise we are really nice (and pretty) (and cool) (and modest). Seriously, though, doooo it.