Every time I watch Lost in Translation (which I do a couple of times a year), this scene stuns me. Finding it on YouTube meant I got to reflect on the fact it is only three minutes long, when it feels so much longer than that in the film.

There’s this part, too, from Marie Antoinette.

What I love about those two scenes is the sense of being still—of being allowed to be peaceful but still having a will to explore (or to just sit back and stare). And I love all the lingering shots of nature. I can’t underestimate how healing it is for me to be in, or just contemplate, the outside world. Basically this combination—exploration, nature, and peaceful contemplation—is what I want for my life.

What that will look like, though, I haven’t figured out yet. I’d like to explore other cities and countries. I’d also like to find somewhere on the edge of the countryside where I can settle and be idle. Sometimes I hate living in such a sleepy little town, but there are moments (usually around sunset, for some reason) when I feel really content here, because I can be alone and focus on feeling instead of thinking all the time. I love moments like these. I wish I could explain them to people, but I’m not articulate enough. Instead I supposed I can just tell them to watch all of Sofia Coppola’s films. She gets me.

I can’t wait to be on trains and airplanes again. ♦