Last month we told you that the wonderful Jane Marie from the wonderful Hairpin would be doing a beauty tutorial for us, and we asked what look you wanted her to teach you. The overwhelming majority of you asked for…Audrey Horne! But Jane basically already did that with her 1950s Glamour Tutorial on the Hairpin back in August, so go watch that to Audrey Horne yourself up.

The second-highest vote getter was Margot Tenenbaum, but Jane pointed out that that tutorial would be basically “Flat-iron your hair and use a ton of black eyeliner.” No one needs a tutorial for that.

Third in the rankings was Clara Bow. (Audrey Horne, Margot Tenenbaum, and Clara Bow? Damn, you Rookies are cool.) Jane jumped all over that idea. And here is the awe-inspiring, adorable, hilarious result:

Thank you, Jane! We love you.

If there’s a specific look you want one of our staffers, or a guest, to teach you how to do at home, let us know in the comments!