I’ll tell you right now, New Year’s Eve is a sucker’s bet. It’s good for only a few things: 99-cent-store noisemakers, wearing those glasses shaped like the year, kissing someone as the clock strikes 12, and dance parties in someone’s living room. This playlist I put together for you, my bestest of internet friends, is good for background for the first two things (YACHT, GbV), will embolden you to do the third thing (the Zombies!), and will most definitely make it easy to set up that last thing (Robyn, Scandal, BritBrit). I am pretty sure the Mayans were wrong (fings crossed) about 2012 but if they weren’t, there is no better way to go out than with Robyn’s backward-roll-into-slow-floor-hump move…just maybe practice a few times first? Happy New Year, you guys!!!!

Illustration by Minna