Minna, did you turn 21 this week????


This time last year, I was sharing an apartment in suburban Los Angeles, having moved there to go to a certain design school. I stayed there for a completely miserable four months. This was the beginning of my Great Freshman Experience, and I had something else in mind. Something that involved my actually enjoying my youth. Read More »


Most of the year I feel like I am constantly in a battle with the seasons. In winter, I can finally relax. I can snuggle up in a nest of blankets and retreat from the outside world, and because everyone else is doing the same thing it doesn’t seem strange, for once. Read More »


I’m in the middle of a massive break-up. It’s the worst sort of falling-out. We used to be so close, but now it’s as if the intensity of our relationship is what’s tearing us apart. Read More »

Chris M.

Living in China, I never noticed when someone wasn’t speaking my language, because for so many years I was the foreigner. I always expected to be the stranger, the outsider. I was in someone else’s home, feeling even more out of place when people would ask me, “Can I take a picture of you?” Read More »