I like to think of my bedroom as my own personal museum. When I decorate my walls, I’m not just slapping just any picture I find on the walls. I’m curating! I might be an amateur curator with a penchant for Lisa Frank and CD poster inserts, but I’m still making conscious decisions about what I buy, where I’m putting it, and how the pieces compliment one another. I’m a decorating dork, deal with it.

But art can be so expensive! Where does a broke person get it? I can’t just waltz over to my neighborhood auction house and scoop up a Chagall original. I don’t have the dollah billz for that! Sometimes prints, depending on how rare or big they are, can cost upwards of $500. Lanky lizards! Can’t a girl get some reasonably priced artwork?!

Well, you can! You just need to know where to look. Here are a few websites and stores that sell beautiful and interesting artwork and posters that will help you start your collection.

1. 20×200
20×200 is dedicated to selling awesome artwork at reasonable prices. All the prints are available in a few sizes, with the price going up depending on how large the work is and how many are available. New prints come in every week and include photos, paintings, and drawings. A 10″x8″ print will cost you about $20 and will come with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist, along with the artist’s bio and statement. You can even add a frame! Damn, you’ll feel like such an art insider!

Left to right: “Untitled #10” by Kent Rogowski; “Thank You” by Trey Speegle

2. Poketo
I love Poketo! They carry everything art-related for your home, not just to hang on your wall. They have prints, dishware, mousepads, and more! But Poketo is probably best known for their artful wallets. Here’s a full list of all the artists they carry.

“Swan Lake Promenade” by PCP; “The Middletons Plate Set” by Marco Cibola

3. MOMA online store & other museums
Don’t forget that some of the biggest American museums sell prints online. I personally love the MOMA’s store, but other museums like the Boston MFA, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and the Met all sell artwork. I found a 24″x18″ print of Frida Kahlo’s “Self Portrait With Monkeys” at the Philadelphia Museum website for $20. Frida can hang out in your room!

“Birthday” by Marc Chagall; “Drowning Girl” by Roy Lichtenstein

4. Etsy Movie Poster Sellers & AllPosters.com
Movie posters are art! There are so many awesome poster designers who are selling their work on Etsy. I love when artists redesign old posters, giving classic films a modern edge. Some of my favorite sellers are MonsterGallery (these Fantastic Mr. Fox prints are so good!), Claudia Varosio, and TeamWelser. And if you want classic movie posters just go on to AllPosters.com. Hey, somebody buy me this Pink Flamingos poster!

Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me” by Traumatron; “Big Lebowski A3 Print MATURE” by VisualEtiquette

5. Individual artists’ websites
A lot of artists and photographers have their own websites where they sell their work. Some of my favorite artists like Krisatomic, Ian Stevenson, and Hennie Haworth all sell their stuff online! Buying straight from the artist ensures that she or he is benefiting directly from the purchase, rather than having a big chunk of the proceeds go to a gallery or print carrier.

“Teacups 2” by Hennie Haworth; “Fifties Girl” by Krisatomic

6. Thrift stores and flea markets
When most people think of shopping at thrift stores, they think of clothing. But there are tons of artistic treasures buried in Goodwills across America! The two embroidered works pictured on the right above were made by hand and are dated from the 1950s. My mother found them in a Goodwill, and they were literally $2 each. The painting on the left is a paint-by-numbers that I found for cheap at a flea market. I later found out that the same painting was hanging in Nadine’s house on Twin Peaks. Wow! Never underestimate thrift stores when it comes to finding decorations for your walls.

Pictured from left to right: “Forbidden Unions Screen Print” by Heretic, “Mob Screen Print, Blue” by Andrew Rae

7. Hermit Editions
Not only does Hermit Editions sell awesome prints by some of my all-time favorite artists like Andrew Rae, Jon Burgerman, and Heretic, BUT they also have another store dedicated to clothing, home wares, books, and zines, so I would check that out too!

And of course you can always make YOUR OWN art too! Tear from magazines, draw on the walls, glue poster inserts to the ceiling, make pipe-cleaner sculptures, use wrapping paper as wallpaper! GET CREATIVE! If your parents get mad tell them to write to Tavi. ♦