We always try to figure out what happened to Minna this week based on her visual diary. This week is a stumper! If you've got any guesses do let us know.


I was always turned off by the idea of shoplifting. But lately, everything has seemed so easy. I just didn’t have the cash to replenish my Chapstick and lotion the other day, so I slipped them into my bag. Walking off with a salad-bar box from the bougie grocery store was too easy when I needed lunch. What’s alarming to me is that at some point it stopped feeling wrong and started feeling normal. Read More »


I have this strange mixture of absolute hatred and sappy affection for my town. It’s strange that you can have such a relationship with what is simply a place. But this patch of ground has my heart and my distaste. I want to escape it, but I acknowledge that I might never live in a nicer place. Read More »


Exhaustion always strikes at school. I’ve been known to chug a full-size energy drink only to fall asleep on top of my history books 10 minutes later. I’ve fallen asleep in classrooms, at stoplights, and generally anywhere in my house. Tired is tired and when I’m tired, I’m tired. T-ired, ti-red, TIIIIREEEDDDDD. Read More »